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Jack Savoretti

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“There’s a raw, soulful, yearning edge to Jack Savoretti's voice that sounds like the truth, and the effortless way it blends with his fluid, expressive guitar playing has a kind of primal magic about it. This is music from the source.” 

Neil McCormick, Daily Telegraph

"His songs of pain, passion and protest are delivered with an incredible mix of subtlety and power. Even his breathing is used as an instrument.” 

Alan Smith - former editor of NME

"His moody acoustic ballads smoulder their way into your consciousness and contain in their simplicity a natural beauty and warmth.” 

Clash Magazine 

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A self-taught musician, George is leaping forward from his foundation of open mics and covers gigs to launch his irresistible voice, emotional intelligence and talents to captivating effect through his own original songs.

Ranging from cultured radio-friendly pop-soul to dreamy campfire R&B, George’s music bursts with melody, maturity and empathy – its introspective yet catchy potency staying with you for days.   George’s first single "High Rise” from his album will be released late summer 2021.

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