Russian Roulette 

"He's unstoppable.” 

Q Magazine

"His songs of pain, passion and protest are delivered with an incredible mix of subtlety and power. Even his breathing is used as an instrument.” 

Alan Smith - former editor of NME

"His moody acoustic ballads smoulder their way into your consciousness and contain in their simplicity a natural beauty and warmth.” 

Clash Magazine 

“There’s a raw, soulful, yearning edge to Jack Savoretti's voice that sounds like the truth, and the effortless way it blends with his fluid, expressive guitar playing has a kind of primal magic about it. This is music from the source.” 

Neil McCormick, Daily Telegraph



De Angelis Records releases the album Songs From Different Times from prodigious musician Jack Savoretti. Jack, who grew up across Europe, first made waves as a 19-year-old singer-songwriter when his debut album was met with widespread acclaim; from Album Of The Week on Radio 2 to Hollywood supervisors playlisting his music on programes such as One Tree Hill, Grey's Anatomy & Sons of Anarchy.

Celebrating 10 years since Jack signed to original home De Angelis Records, this collection shines a light on some of the less well known tracks from the era of Between The Minds and Harder Than Easy, many of which have been very difficult to get hold of especially outside the UK. It shows a different side of Jack, soul stripped bare.

Songs From Different Times is a landmark record in Jack’s prolific career, demonstrating his rare gift as a musician to connect with his audience on an unflinchingly intimate level. Raw and mesmerising, the selection of stripped back tracks explores the fragility of the human condition and is driven by Jack’s unique blend of heartfelt emotion and passion. This is an album to cherish, and to calmly nurture you through life’s overwhelming moments.

Songs From Different Times Album Sampler


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